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Wedding Packages


This package includes:

  • Consultation call

  • 6 hours of coverage

  • 300+ photos

  • 24-48 hour sneak peeks



This package includes:

  • Consultation call

  • 8 hours of coverage

  • 400+ photos

  • 24-48 hour sneak peeks

  • complimentary  engagement session


  • A destination of your choosing

  • I will travel anywhere!

  • Consultation call

  • 200+ digital photos

  • Personal photo gallery

  • 24-48 hour sneak peeks

Inquire for details!


This package includes:

  • Additional Hours​  ($250/hour)

  • Second Photographer  ($50/hour)

  • Engagement Session  ($250)

  • 30 Minute Bridal Session  ($100)

  • Boudoir Session  ($250)

Keep in mind...
  1. All packages involve an initial consultation call which will consist of us meeting and talking about your vision of your ideal wedding day and booking!

  2. If these packages don't meet your needs, know that I am flexible!! We can arrange it to be perfectly designed for you and your perfect day!

  3. I have timelines and guides that can help you with planning in case you are feeling like you don't know what to do next!

  4. You DO get all of the photos that I take. The numbers in my packages for the amount of photos you receive is just an estimated guess and you will get at least the number associated with each package

I can't wait to hear from you! <3

Send Me A Message!

If you are interested in booking with me, inquire through the contact form below :)

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I'll get back to you soon!!

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