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Let's get you married!!

I put an emphasis on experience for all of my clients, but weddings have a special place in my heart. I am 110% HERE for you as your photographer, your friend, and your personal hype girl!! 

Every wedding is unique to each couple, so I have a few different packages I offer. Keep in mind that we can always add or take away things to fit YOUR needs!



Whether you want me to hide in a bush to catch your proposal or you want more beautiful pictures with your new fiancé - I'm here for it.

This session is typically 1-2 hours long, you get EVERY image (I don't limit my photos!! If I have an amazing photo - I want you to have it! You can expect 50-80), one location and one outfit.




From seniors to maternity to creative portraits and anything in between. I love every bit of it and I am always excited to branch out!

With any of these sessions you can expect 1-2 hours in length and you will receive ALL of the great photos I take. 


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